1 Hour Consultation with Expert Sports Nutritionist Wahday

$100 $150

1 Hour Consultation with Our Expert 

(The Person Behind Over 6,000 Transformations we post)

Enjoy a Phone Call from Wahday, our Head Sports Nutritionist responsible for over 99% of every transformation we post on @bendiesel9oz , @sportsnutritionmadesimple and our website sportsnutritionmadesimple.com

If we post them he did them.

Some things you’ll cover with Wahday

  •  All nutrition and training related questions you have answered
  •  His protégé and now business partner Ben diesel’s actual diet plan and training Regiment he started with
  •  Create a meal together: you buy the foods leave the rest to him. He’ll teach you how to fit almost any food you thought you couldn’t have into your gram requirements. Stew chicken, lasagna, shrimp parmesan etc., No problem
  •  How to adjust your meals to a new schedule when changing from shift to shift or have to work overtime
  •  Learn how to figure out your fat burning zone to guarantee you’re doing aerobic cardio properly
  •  In-depth changes to make if you think you’ve plateaued
  •  Did you buy a body fat machine and notice your muscle number going down and fat % going up even while exercising? Well those numbers are not accurate. He’ll teach you the secrets of how to read the body fat numbers properly.
  •  How to accelerate weight loss to get women Bikini ready and men 6 pack ready quicker

Note: not everything can be covered in 1 session but you can discuss booking a second session in advance and receive a 20% discount.

    Book Now for 50%OFF!  Was $150, now only $75 for a limited time only.

    Only a few slots available.

    *You must book at least 24 hour prior to desired appointment date, same day booking will not be accepted. 
    No refunds are offered for same day cancellations
    If cancelled 48 hours prior to booking time you will be charged a 50% service fee.

    Please visit our contact us page for any questions or concerns regarding your appointment.

    Returning Clients Only 

    • 31 consecutive check in days of monitoring with 24/7 support to answer all questions and give advice on what to do if you’re falling short of your weekly weight target.
    • Adjustments made to diet if needed.
    •  A complimentary phone call before starting is included if necessary.
    • The $75 will be charged automatically each month.
    • You can cancel anytime on your own or feel free to contact us at            (516) 960- 8900.

    After Purchase please “Text” your Sports Nutritionist at (516) 960-8900.

    Or email us at sportsnutrion.contact@gmail.com

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