5 DAY WORKOUT Plan for Men

$70 $85

Specifically designed for Men

You will receive a detailed Work Out. It will explain the science behind what causes your muscles to get bigger and or tighter.

If you never knew exactly how many Reps and Sets you need to do for a body part it's in the plan.

It's perfect for both Novice and Experienced lifters.

What you'll learn:

  •  How many repetitions you should do to get lean or ripped and why
  •  How many repetitions you should do to increase the size of any muscle and why
  • How many minutes you need to wait between each set and why
  • Why you should never do 10 reps
  • The different muscle fibers you are utilizing when lifting
  •  Why you should never do high reps or force reps if you're trying to increase muscle size
  •   When exactly you should increase the pounds for your next set and by how much
  •  How to record and evaluate each set properly




 Every Monday you’ll text your weight to your nutrition expert upon awakening

 On your first and every subsequent Monday you’ll be given a 3, 4 or 5 pound target that you must meet in 7 days by the following Monday

 On Friday you’ll again text your weight. We are expecting half of your target weight to be met by that weigh in.

 We will discuss any changes if necessary going into the weekend. It’s very easy to fall off on the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

 Monday is your due date to hit your target.

 If you missed your target on Monday we will make adjustments to your diet plan based on what problems occurred

 If a call is needed it will be scheduled

 The $20 will be charged automatically each month. You can cancel anytime.

  After 4 consecutive payments receive your 5th month of monitoring Free!

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