Pre Made Plan Bronze

$100 $180
Only $100 (Reg $180)
After Purchase Please Fill Out the Questionnaire (sent to your email)
You'll receive: 
  • A Pre-Customized Meal Plan. The foods and times are already established for you based on a morning, afternoon or evening shift.
  • You will receive their Meal Plan via email in 7 days
  • A shopping list will be included detailing all the materials and food prep info you'll need before getting started
  • Information on how to read a nutritional label using grams, not calories, and how to weigh foods properly.
  • Instructions on the exact times to eat, times to drink water, and exact food measurement by the ounce
  • 3 days of monitoring with access to your Sports Nutritionist
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday Check In
  • You’ll have to pass a quiz before starting but all questions will be answered.
  • You can start immediately after passing.
  • Questions will be answered through text and a phone call will be scheduled if needed.
  • 45 page blueprints including all the secrets on dieting you didn't know about
  • No Workout plan included


*Be sure to signup for our  

Monthly Monitoring program immediately after your initial monitoring period ends. Get our $20 or $25 per month subscription plan to continue to work with your nutrition expert and stay on track with your fitness goals!

Returning Clients Only 

  • 31 consecutive check in days of monitoring with 24/7 support to answer all questions and give advice on what to do if you’re falling short of your weekly weight target.
  • Adjustments made to diet if needed.
  •  A complimentary phone call before starting is included if necessary.
  • The $75 will be charged automatically each month.
  • You can cancel anytime on your own or feel free to contact us at            (516) 960- 8900.

After Purchase please “Text” your Sports Nutritionist at (516) 960-8900.

Or email us at

Click here for a more moderately priced plan of only $20 per month for Mondays and Fridays check-in's.

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