Terms of Service


Refund: after you signup you’ll receive an email letting you know when to expect your plan. You can request a refund at any time during that waiting period. Once you receive your plan you won’t be able to receive a full refund.


Phone consultations: all phone consultations are complimentary. If a consultation can’t be set up for whatever reason there is no refund provided to the client.


Monitoring: 14 and 31 days of monitoring. Unless it’s agreed upon that the monitoring will be paused by sports nutrition made simple or the client. All the daily monitoring must begin at least 1 month or 31 days after client receives their plan. There is no refund if client does not contact sports nutrition made simple to start their monitoring.


Pausing or Partial refund on monitoring not used:

If client needs to pause for medical or an emergency outside of their control or can’t continue the monitoring, sports nutrition made simple will pause up to 3 Months or offer a refund prorated on remaining days not used.


The Clients receipt of their plan binds them to the terms of service.