Refund Policy

Diet Plans:

After Purchase there is a 5 business day (7 day total), waiting period to have a plan customized and sent to customer. Customer is entitled to a full refund at anytime before day 7, the day the plan is due. Customer will not be able to cancel the day their plan is due. This will be based on eastern standard time zone. 

All customers must start the program within 30 day after receiving their package. They will lose the monitoring and phone consultation portions if they start after 30 days.


If customer needs to pause after starting the program we allow up to 7 days 1 time only.


Monitoring Subscriptions:

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time and you won’t be billed for the next month. Any unused days will be prorated.



There is no refund on the workout plans.


The Client’s purchase of a plan binds them to our refund and terms of service policies.