Benley (Ben Diesel) Desir has become an internationally known Instagram (IG) sensation with his incredible transformation after following his own customized sports nutrition made simple (SNMS) diet plan. There are hundreds of transformations on IG but none as amazing as his. With his fat loss transformation he's given hope to so many men and women who were frustrated because they couldn’t lose weight even after trying other programs. Now they have a transformation from someone they can relate to. Ben diesel was extremely overweight and not only got in shape but also muscular and ripped. 

Ben Diesel’s dedication, commitment and daily words of wisdom has inspired thousands who now look to him for guidance. In the process his IG page has become the go to place for our client’s transformations growing from under 1000 to over 50,000 followers.

He officially started the SNMS program at 365 pounds and 41% body fat on September 9, 2013. He finished Phase 1 of the transformation on April 5, 2014 at 253 pounds and 15% body fat and continued on to finishing his remarkable journey at 235 pounds and 11% body fat. 

Over the years Ben Diesel has received many requests to have personal consultations with followers and because of it he’s now offering 1to1 Face time sessions.

If interested just go to Face Time with Ben Diesel on the menu or click on the link below