What Do You Receive?

A) An easy to follow Customized Diet with step by step instructions to follow. After signing up a questionnaire is sent directly to your email address. Th first part is your daily schedule from waking up to going to sleep at night. The second part is the foods you want included. If the foods are approved we turn that information into a diet customized to you 

Blue Print that teaches our clients how to eat through the science of food metabolization. It includes your customized Diet. The information in customizing your plan we get from the questionnaire you filled out after signing up.

Your Customized Diet list:

When to eat

Exact portion sizes

When to drink water and when to take multivitamins and supplements. It Also list the waiting time between each meal and waiting  time before you can workout after eating

 Everyone receives a weight loss target that they must reach in 7 days. So you'll weigh yourself when waking up and before your first meal. You'll report that weight every day to your nutrition expert.

For example if you need to lose 30 pounds you're given a 3 pound per week target. Under the plan you should successfully lose the 30 pounds in 10 weeks.

There is a required 6 meals for men and 5 meals for women with a shake and protein bar included in the total.

 Do I have to prepare my own meals?

A) yes you prepare all meals. You can't eat outside of the diet except once a week with a cheat meal. You'll only receive a cheat meal if you meet your weekly pounds target.

Do we have to weigh our meals?

A) yes each meal has to be weighed by the exact ounce listed in your plan. All that information is provided in your plan along with a detailed shopping list for food prepping.

I know how to diet and lost weight in the past and always gained it back, so why is this different?

A) most plans will have you lose "weight." But if you lost weight previously what type of weight did you actually lose? Was it all fat or some muscle and water also? Because of the educational aspect of our plans we teach you to lose fat exclusively. So that means you're tight and firm as opposed to a little flabby or have loose skin. When you're not really happy with the initial weight loss you're more likely to put it back on.

Do you do vegan diets?

A) Yes we just created a Vegan Plan 

What about a Diet for overnight or swing shifts?

A) Yes diets for 2nd or 3rd shifts are not a problem.

Is a Workout Plan included in the plan?

A) Check the description of our plans to determine which ones includes the workout. You can also purchase the workout separately for $70 

What's the best plan to purchase?

A) it all depends on your budget and what you’re looking for. We have four plans ranging in price from $99 to $199. 

Is it safe to lose that much weight in a week?

A) yes because our clients are eating 5 and 6 meals a day. Also the foods carb to protein to fat ratio guarantees they lose "fat weight" not "muscle weight.

If you're eating foods in the correct portion sizes your metabolism speeds up and your body becomes a fat burning machine. Our clients lose easily their 3, 4 or 5 pounds each week and are still hungry during the day.

Why isn't cardio allowed in the plan?

A) we don't do cardio we do aerobic cardio. The difference is one burns more fat than the other. Cardio is great for stamina building endurance and strengthening your lung capacity. The problem is what type of calories are you burning to do it. After you burned or utilized your carbohydrates doing cardio your body will burn muscle and fat as your next energy source. Think athletes like distance runners who do a lot of cardio. Many have slim not toned skinny fat bodies. Aerobic cardio which is fast working or light jogging utilizes fat first as the primary energy source.

Can the monitoring be extended?

A) we are unlike other programs that love to charge you and keep you as a Client for many months if not years. Because of the educational aspect and extensive prepping before you start, after 14 days on our program you are literally a mini expert in nutrition.

But if you feel like you need more time with a nutrition expert we now offer extended monitoring by subscription.

 How do I get started?

A) pick a plan that works best for you. Pay for it and you’ll be directed to a questionnaire. Fill it out and you’re done.

Because the plans are personalized there is a 5 business day waiting period before you’ll  receive your plan. Use the waiting days to get in those last cheat meals because when you get started with us it's over. What we do is life changing so two things will happen. One, you will never look the same and feel great, two you will never need to sort out another company for a diet plan again.

I have more questions so what do I do?

A) just submit it through Contact Us on the top of the home page.