Sports Nutrition Made Simple (SNMS) is an Advanced Nutrition Program that teaches you how to lose weight from the science of food metabolization.

In “simple” terms how much of a food can you eat safely before it’s stored as fat. So there is no need to know your specific blood type or your emotional state of mind to determine if that’s a reason why you’re not losing weight. But what you do need to do is buy two things a weight and food scale to get started. 

So how good is the program? The numbers of successful clients speak for themselves. 
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SNMS was created by Wahday Washington in 2013 with Benley Desir (Bendiesel9oz) coming on board as his partner the following year after his amazing transformation. As a team they are responsible for over 4,500 client transformations.

But none were more successful than Bendiesel who was Wahday’s first social media transformation client on this program. 

Ben was 390 pounds when he started his plan. His transformation took just under 10 months and he finished at around 235 to 240 pounds. His waist almost 50” went down to 31.” With body fat dropping from high 40s% to under 10%. His transformation was and still is one of the most amazing on social media and has inspired thousands of people with weight loss problems from all over the world. 

So How did Ben make those change so quickly?

It’s simple, Ben was introduced to Wahday by a mutual friend. Ben asked Wahday why after 10 years of working out and doing tons of cardio he still could not lose the body fat. Wahday’s response to Ben was it’s not the training it’s the diet, so how’s your diet? Ben’s response was I’m Haitian and I eat Haitian food. Wahday’s response to Ben ... you’re not eating that Haitian food any longer ... and the rest is history. 

Some may think Nutrition is 80 to 90% important to losing weight (fat). SNMS teaches you it’s 99.999% or for example if you workout for 2 hours and included 60 minutes of cardio but have that extra ounce of brown rice or had some olive oil on your food after the workout, you negated all the progress in the gym from those 2 small mistakes. So yes none of their clients can ever have olive oil, the good fat. 

In general most people over eat because they aren’t sure how to figure out what is the exact portion size. So without that knowledge they never know how much is too much. But That changes on the SNMS program. You food choices are laid out meal by meal for you by the exact ounce your body can safely digest. So there is no more guess work or vague portions sizes.

Many of their clients assumed they were eating healthy enough to lose weight only because they started eating organic, vegan or gluten free. But that’s not necessary true so SNMS doesn’t teach that.

But what you will learn is ...  what’s the point of eating quinoa or any organic “healthy” food if the portion size is too much that your body can’t process?

For example their clients are taught that eating 3 ounces of “white rice” can be considered healthier than eating 4 ounces of “quinoa” if the 3 ounces of white rice is processed within what the body can metabolize safely without fat storage, but the 4 ounces of the “healthier” quinoa is stored as fat. It’s that simple. Now imagine having that knowledge for all Proteins Carbohydrates Fats and Sugars.

Please Note: No person who’s type 1 diabetic can eat white or bleached starches at anytime so the white rice wouldn’t be allowed in that example. 

Here’s a Fruit  Example:  if you want a banana as a fruit choice you’ll get a 2 oz or 3 oz serving size of the banana to eat.
That means you’re cutting it into the size specified in your plan and putting it on your food scale to weigh it. It doesn’t matter if you weigh 140 or 340 pounds no one will get more ounces to eat.

So why only 3 ounces? Because this isn’t an athletic diet plan. It’s a specialized plan to drop body fat quickly. So the extra carbs and sugar isn’t needed. 

Sounds simple enough right?

We think so but most of their clients are still amazed and shocked when they receive their plans and learn that inside of it has ...

No counting calories

No eating without weighing all foods 

No cardio

No eating snacks

No keto

No intermittent fasting

No almonds nuts peanut butter avocados olive oil  

But you will receive an easy to read step by step blueprint with all the nutrition secrets you never knew about including your customized meal plan. Plus you get a nutrition expert you report to for the duration of monitoring days for daily accountability. We also offer monthly monthly Monitoring for those clients that need extra support!

Chose A Plan That’s Best For You And Your Budget! 

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Bronze Plan - $99 Non Customized Plan 

Silver Plan - $129 Non Customized Plan 

Gold Plan - $159 Non Customized Plan

Platinum Plan - $299 Fully Customized Plan 

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