Jonathan T.

My entire life I’ve been athletic and in pretty good shape, but I never reached my peak or actually knew “how” to reach that peak.  I came across Ben’s page one day and simply followed it because I enjoyed seeing people make those CRAZY transformations. I didn’t think that I was a part of the target audience because I didn’t see anybody that looked like me…..”me” being a person that is already “in shape” I weighed 173 lbs at the time.


I mentioned myself as being in shape but never reaching my peak, I knew how to gain weight and get stronger but I NEVER could develop abs. So one day I decided to contact Ben and ask about the program and if it could help someone like me. I was very skeptical, that same day Wahday gave me a call.


When I spoke with Wahday he was overly confident about what I could accomplish on the plan, I couldn’t understand where this brazen confidence was coming from. I remember his exact words


“You’re an easy fix!


 You’ll be an easy fix!


In 4 weeks I’ll have you ripped you’re going to look crazy my man”


At that point I was HYPED UP and committed all the way whatever needed to be done I was with it. 

Fast forward 4 weeks later my abs began to show out of nowhere!!!!!! In all honesty I didn’t think my body’s anatomy possessed abdominal muscles. I always thought that I would have a 1 pack for the rest of my life.   : (

At week 7 I was in a Forever 21 dressing room and took off my shirt and low and behold I was staring at an 8 pack in the mirror, I could not believe it!!! Not only did I develop the abdominals that I previously thought were unattainable my acne issues became a thing of the past.

I began at 173lbs and seven weeks later finished at 155lbs at 8% body fat. It’s funny that at 155lbs I actually look bigger and stronger than at 173lbs.

I say that to say this…………. Wahday you’re the man you’ve changed my life!!


Yessssss these plans work for people with Slim builds!!


Don’t shy away trust me! I mean look at my results for PROOF!!

Start Weight: 173.0

End Weight: 155.0

7 weeks transformation

Body fat from 14% to 8%


''Your goals are as good as your actions. No action taken, no goals achieved''

- Derric Yuh Ndim