A Few months ago my nephew (David Crandle) @thecrandlechannel did a transformation that shocked the hell out of me. He went from this lil fat kid to this chiseled beast!

You know I had to get his secret.


He put me on to two guys who made it happen in record time. Ben Diesel @bendiesel19oz and Wahday #teamwahday.


These dudes are the effin truth. I didn't believe it at first and even quit before I got started. But seeing my nephew's results and kicking it with Ben got me locked in.

I can still remember Ben saying "man this is what we do." I went from a 244 pound fat ass on 5/11/2016 to 210 pounds and 11% body fat on 8/7/2016. That's only 11 weeks!

And I'm not finished. Now I'm getting ready for the next part of the program. Phase 2!

Thank you SNMS.com!


''Your goals are as good as your actions. No action taken, no goals achieved''

- Derric Yuh Ndim