ESTHER M. Success Story

I first discovered Wahday after a year of following Bendizel his prodigy on Instagram.

I came to a point in life where I had completed one of my main goals which was to graduate university. However during the transition of completing university and looking for a job in the real world I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to better myself and embark on a healthy lifestyle.


Being an unemployed graduate I went back and forth on whether I should use the last of my savings to sign up to the sports nutrition program. I was skeptical as to whether this program would work for me, as I have been big all my life and in the past had tried to lose weight on my own, and was even discouraged by family members who said I should save the money and were as skeptical as I was.


However today I am glad I made the decision to ignore the influence of others as this journey so far has been the most fulfilling. There is no better investment than investing in yourself.


Through the sports nutrition program I received valuable knowledge on the components of nutrition as well as a work out plan and access to Wahday who guided me through monitoring my weight and activity daily. He set me weekly weight loss targets and provided solutions to set backs I encountered while trying to reach the target set.


The journey was not easy I have had ups and downs and I am still learning to let go of bad habits. I confidently know my body what triggers my weight gain and what I need to do to see the weight drop. I am still very much dedicated and committed to seeing my goal through, and today I can say I have lost 70lbs! I have dropped from 253.7lbs to 176.0lbs in less than a year, with the goal in mind to reach 135lbs and rejoin with Wahday for phase 2 and gain muscle mass.


Over all, I would say the sports nutrition is a valuable investment. I was able to commit to the expenses of the program and this lifestyle while receiving unemployment benefits. The program is also universal, I was able to interact with Wahday even though I live in the UK and even so received such a personable service that at times I forget that I am not his only client. Even after I finished my monitoring I was still able to receive support and advice.


I can not thank Wahday enough for sharing his amazing knowledge on the science of sports and nutrition, which unlike other plans are tools you will take away from this program and have for life. In addition the program builds great character and confidence, in order to have seen this change it has required a high level of discipline and tenacity, which are learned skills that you can implement in all areas of life.

''Your goals are as good as your actions. No action taken, no goals achieved''

- Derric Yuh Ndim